Electron Disc Clock 1.1

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elecTRON, the TRON Legacy inspired clock widget. The identity disc has the time!

elecTRON Clock is a TRON Legacy inspired 2x2 clock widget. It has no numbers and no dials! So how does it work? The disc itself rotates and the gap in the inner blue ring points to the hour. The outer energy ring also rotates and it too has a gap that points to the current minute. The clock updates every minute.

*NOTE* Running a TASK KILLER such as ATK on your device can prevent the widget from being updated and/or cause a force close. You must configure the task killer to IGNORE the widget!!!

You may choose between a blue disc, as used by Sam Flynn, or a red disc as used by Rinzler - he used two, and so can you! The elecTRON Clock Widget can be installed multiple times!

Each elecTRON Clock Widget can be configured to launch any app you have installed, when tapped.

elecTRON Clock tries to be battery friendly: It does not use a persistent service, and when the phone enters sleep mode, it stops issuing updates until you turn the screen on again.

Upon installing elecTRON clock you will be presented with a logo and a screen with some basic instructions and disclaimers. This Activity can be launched again from the elecTRON Clock icon in your application drawer.

You will have to *long-press* on your home screen and choose "elecTRON Clock" from the list of widgets that pops up. You will then be presented with a configuration screen. There is a readme button on this screen, please use it and read it. A license check will also be performed here and your android device must be connected to the network to complete this successfully. You will not be able to install an elecTRON Clock widget until the license verification has been successful.

*If you enjoy TRON related widgets, check out our TRON Battery Widget. It's a Recognizer, and the platform raises and lowers with the battery level, just as in the movie :)

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